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🧙‍♂️Guaranteed E-Commerce SEO – What Are Our 90 day Guarantees?

If we do not improve your search engine rankings during a 90-day project, you will get 100% of your money back.

🧙‍♂️Guaranteed E-Commerce SEO – What Are Our 90 day Guarantees?

Guaranteed SEO from a seasoned SEO specialist. During my 15 years in the e-commerce business, I have noticed a growing trend in the number of “SEO agencies” that produce disappointing results instead of results…

… even in the simplest of SEO projects!

Sound familiar? We do things differently!

The main focus in everything we do is: measurable results, transparency and personalized service.

We really place trust in our own work and our promise to you is this: if your Google rankings don’t improve in 90 days, we’ll return 100% of your money.

Guaranteed SEO promises

Our SEO guarantees

Search Results Guarantee

We promise that your website’s Search Engine visibility will increase during a 90-day SEO campaign – in other words, your Google rankings will improve.

If your search engine rankings do not improve, you will get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

20% Increase in Traffic – Guarantee

We also promise that your website traffic will increase by at least 20% after a 90-day SEO campaign.

If your websites traffic does not improve by at least 20%, we will work with you free of charge until we see the promised traffic increase.

7 Day Free Trial

In addition to our unprecedented 90 day guarantees, we also offer a 7-day trial.

Even though we are very confident that you won’t be unhappy with our service, we offer a no-strings attached 7-day trial where you don’t pay anything.

Please contact us, if you want to come work with us on a trial basis.

E-commerce Optimization Wizards

Meet our team

We are a team of two brothers from a small town of Kuopio in the middle of Finland.

Petteri has a background in E-Commerce – running a few successful e-commerce businesses for almost 15 years.

Aleksi, on the other hand, is geared more towards sales. He has been working with several different industries, insurance and IT to name a few, so he has a comprehensive experience of the different niches.

We all our decisions on well-researched data. As micro-cap business owners, we understand other micro- and small-cap businesses needs and are able to tailor our strategies to fit your budget.

Petteri Pucilowski - Guarantee SEO - We offer a 90 day Search Results Guarantee - Search Engine Wizards
Petteri Pucilowski – Main Wizard (CEO)
Aleksi Pucilowski - Search Engine Wizards - 7 Day Free Trial for E-commerce SEO
Aleksi Pucilowski – Marketing Wizard
90 Day SEO Guarantees

E-commerce SEO Guarantee

With our tailored SEO services, we propel your E-commerce business to the TOP 3 of Google. Backed by our 90-day guarantees, we ensure measurable results that drive traffic and boost your sales. Let’s optimize your online presence and prepare you for success!🧙‍♂️ Free E-Commerce Strategy

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