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90 Day E-Commerce SEO Challenge – Week 1

Building and establishing two competing E-commerce stores with the same products, strategy, and content can be a daunting task. In this 90 day experiment we tackle just that!


In this challenge I will start two competing E-Commerce stores:

The 1st will be built on an established domain and the 2nd will use a completely new domain.

🟣 Both stores will use the same products, same strategy (SEO only), same content (with small adjustments as to not have 100% duplicate content)

Last week I:
– Added fashion products from Matterhorn dropshipping to our stores
– Connected GSC, Analytics & New Shopify theme
– Added collections to the stores
– Started competitive research & link building

First live streams of the experiment

You can view the video of the day 5 at the top of this page.

Here’s the video for day one:

And Day 4 of 90:

Next steps for the experiment

This week will be focused on:

  • – Optimizing product pages and category pages. For meta titles, descriptions and image alt texts we will use automization (Nytro SEO).
  • – We will start creating some blog content, we will test various AI Writers + human curation.
  • – We will start creating Pinterest pins and boards. We will start auto pinning with BlogToPin.

Want to follow the SEO experiment?

You can follow my day-to-day progress on X:

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